Chuck Marunde

Chuck MarundeIf you’re looking for a Sequim Buyer’s Agent, you may want to get to know Chuck Marunde. Chuck is a Sequim Real Estate Broker with in interesting background. Here’s a bullet list of Chuck Marunde’s background:

  1. Over 30 years in real estate
  2. Real estate attorney for 20 years
  3. Founder and Broker of Sequim & Port Angeles Real Estate, LLC
  4. Escrow officer who closed hundreds of transactions
  5. Negotiated hundreds of real estate transactions
  6. National expert in foreclosures, short sales, private financing, complex negotiations
  7. Author of the first and only real estate book in Sequim and Port Angeles (Buying & Selling Real Estate in the Rain Shadow)
  8. Author of The New World of Marketing for Real Estate Agents
  9. Author of thousands of real estate articles, including over 1,200 on
  10. Internet Marketing Consultant on Real Estate, SEO Expert
  11. Professional Buyer’s Agent

Chuck Marunde is very friendly, loves working with his clients (who most often become good friends), and while he is confident as a professional, he has also learned humility through life’s challenges. Chuck moved to Sequim 18 years ago and raised his own children here. “Moving my family to Sequim was the best decision I ever made. It’s a wonderful place to raise children, but it’s also a wonderful place to live now that my children are grown up.”

You can call Chuck Marunde anytime to interview him on the phone and see if you feel he is a personality you would enjoy working with. Or better yet, buy him a double short latte extra hot at Starbucks and learn about Sequim real estate.

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Chuck Marunde’s Direct Phone Number is 360-775-5424
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